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What is the recommended order for reading your books? 

Heritage of Lancaster County (series)

#1 The Shunning
#2 The Confession
#3 The Reckoning

The Postcard
The Crossroad (sequel to The Postcard)

The Redemption of Sarah Cain *
October Song
The Sunroom *
Sanctuary *

Abram's Daughters (series)

#1 The Covenant
#2 The Betrayal
#3 The Sacrifice
#4 The Prodigal
#5 The Revelation

Annie's People (series)

#1 The Preacher's Daughter
#2 The Englisher
#3 The Brethren

The Courtship of Nellie Fisher (series)

#1 The Parting
#2 The Forbidden
#3 The Longing

Seasons of Grace (series)

#1 The Secret
#2 The Missing–NEW!
#3 The Telling–Coming April 2010!

* Denotes "stand-alone" books, not involved in any particular series.

The books Sanctuary and The Sunroom are non-sequential novels exploring different aspects of Amish life. The Redemption of Sarah Cain, the Heritage of Lancaster County series, and The Postcard and The Crossroad 2-book set should all be read prior to the book October Song, which updates the reader on various characters from those books.