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The Cul-de-Sac Kids series

A lighthearted chapter book series for young readers, the Cul-de-Sac Kids series centers on the often-humorous escapades of a group of endearing neighborhood friends. Together, they learn important lessons about friendship, teamwork, and faith through their adventures and the mysteries they solve. Parents will love these books for helping their children experience the wonder of reading. For ages 6-10, each collection includes six easy-to-read volumes in one.





The Cul-de-Sac Kids, Collection 1

  • The Double Dabble Surprise
  • The Chicken Pox Panic
  • The Crazy Christmas Angel Mystery
  • No Grown-ups Allowed
  • Frog Power
  • The Mystery of Case D. Luc

The Cul-de-Sac Kids, Collection 2

  • The Stinky Sneakers Mystery
  • Pickle Pizza
  • Mailbox Mania
  • The Mudhole Mystery
  • Fiddlesticks
  • The Crabby Cat Caper

The Cul-de-Sac Kids, Collection 3

  • Tarantula Toes
  • Green Gravy
  • Backyard Bandit Mystery
  • Tree House Trouble
  • The Creepy Sleep-Over
  • The Great TV Turn-Off
  • Piggy Party
  • The Granny Game
  • Mystery Mutt
  • Big Bad Beans
  • The Upside-Down Day
  • The Midnight Mystery

Girls Only (GO!) series

With Girls Only, Beverly Lewis brings a fast-paced, contemporary sports series created for girls! Written in her unique heart-to-heart style, Girls Only highlights popular Olympic events like gymnastics, figure skating, and skiing. Readers will share a special bond with the sports-minded characters as they cheer them on through life's challenges and triumphs. For ages 8 and up, each collection of exciting, inspirational stories includes four volumes in one.


Girls Only Vol. 1

  • Dreams on Ice
  • Only the Best
  • A Perfect Match
  • Reach for the Stars


Girls Only Vol. 2

  • Follow the Dream
  • Better Than Best
  • Photo Perfect
  • Star Status

Holly's Heart series

Holly's Heart books are captivating, relatable stories for tweens and early teens. Just about to turn thirteen, Holly is learning to adjust to living in a one-parent home, dealing with an absent father, and moving into a blended family—all while figuring out how to depend on her faith to help her though the challenges of contemporary teen life. For ages 11 and up, each collection includes five volumes in one.


Holly's Heart Vol. 1

  • Best Friend, Worst Enemy
  • Secret Summer Dreams
  • Sealed With a Kiss
  • The Trouble With Weddings
  • California Crazy


Holly's Heart Vol. 2

  • Second-Best Friend
  • Good-Bye, Dressel Hills
  • Straight-A Teacher
  • No Guys Pact
  • Little White Lies


Holly's Heart Vol. 3

  • Freshman Frenzy
  • Mystery Letters
  • Eight is Enough
  • It's a Girl Thing

Summerhill Secrets series

Join Merry Hanson, a modern fifteen-year-old living in Pennsylvania’s Amish country, as she and her Amish neighbor friends face the true-to-life struggles and heartfelt triumphs of growing up to be the best they can be in God's eyes. For ages 12 and up, each SummerHill Secrets collection will appeal to readers and their parents and includes five memorable volumes in one.


Summerhill Secrets, Vol. 1

  • Secret in the Willows
  • Catch a Falling Star
  • Night of the Fireflies
  • A Cry in the Dark
  • House of Secrets


Summerhill Secrets, Vol. 2

  • House of Secrets
  • Echoes in the Wind
  • Hide Behind the Moon
  • Windows on the Hill
  • Shadows Beyond the Gate


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