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Scripture of the Month (March)

 "The Lord, the only true God, has spoken. He has summoned the earth from where the sun rises to where it sets."
—Psalm 50:1 GOD'S WORD Translation


Just think of this for a moment with me: Our Creator God orders the movement of the planets, even those we have yet to discover. He alone is in charge of this vast universe. Almighty God governs the powerful tide and sets forth the times and the seasons, yet He knows the most minute details about us—even how many hairs we have on our head on any given day!

Our great Father in heaven cares intimately about and for us. About and for you! The God who spoke the world into existence is strong enough to lift our burdens and carry them away, no matter how heavy or complicated they seem to be. He can be trusted with the enormity of our life struggles. Join me in trusting Him today, in throwing our every concern, our greatest anxieties at His feet...and leaving them there.

In this month of renewal and springtime, will you turn over a new leaf and trust implicitly in our great God and loving Father?



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