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Scripture of the Month (May)

"We ask this so that you will live the kind of lives that prove you belong to the Lord. Then you will want to please him in every way as you grow in producing every kind of good work by this knowledge about God." 
                        -- Colossians 1:10 GOD'S WORD Translation



I'm fondly recalling my recent Spring 2012 Book Tour to Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota, where I met some of the nicest people! Thanks very much for coming out to spend time chatting with me, getting The Fiddler signed for yourself and your friends, and sharing Christ’s love. I also truly enjoyed the opportunity to give many library presentations. Thanks to the librarians—salt of the earth!—and to the seemingly “whole towns” that turned out.
This morning I have been pondering the verse above, wanting to share it with all of you...trusting God to continue His blessed work in all of our lives. When we imitate our Father in heaven, it is His great love that our families and those in our circle of friends experience.
And Mother’s Day is coming soon, an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful calling of motherhood. Many of you are new mothers this year. Oh, do I ever remember the bliss of holding our three little ones for the very first time as an adoptive mother! It seems like just yesterday.
There is something precious and amazing about a mother’s love...and a mother’s fervent prayers for her family. I believe prayer is our first calling as moms, and I love honoring that precious "call" on my own life after waiting years to finally lay eyes on our first baby, now a beautiful mother to her own little sweetie. Some of you mothers of grown children may also be delighting in holding your grandchildren this year. Such a gift!
Blessings to all the moms especially this lovely springtime month!




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