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Scripture of the Month (Sept)

“Because you are my helper,
    I sing for joy in the shadow of your wings.”
                                                                        -- Psalm 63:7  NLT
My maternal grandmother, Ada, loved to whistle hymns, as well as sing praises to God. She whistled and sang in the barn and nearly everywhere else during her growing-up years. Her mother warned her that a whistling woman was certainly not a righteous one--social mores then were very different from those in our do-as-you-please society.
I like to think of my grandmother and her songs. My own experience has shown me that a dismal day can be turned on its head with a cheerful song. I taught my three children that singing is good therapy for sadness, or when one is simply caught up in the stress of work or life in general. Singing refocuses our mind away from the self and onto God.
For many years I've sat at the piano in the midafternoon, taking a break from writing deadlines to give a "praise offering" to God through music. This daily act of worship rests my mind and heart and can even recharge my muse.
What about you? Have you turned to singing or playing an instrument to shoo away the cobwebs of your life? Have you discovered the joy of whistling as an act of worship while you garden, send out resumes, or prepare school lunches?
My prayer for you today is that God’s presence will open up to you...that you will know beyond any doubt that the Lord who loves you is not only your Helper, but your ever-present Light and Life.


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