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March '18

"God doesn't want us to be shy with His gifts, but bold and loving and sensible." – 2 Timothy 1:7


I've been thinking a lot about the gifts our Lord has given to us.

There are gifts of hospitality, compassion and kindness; gifts of art—music, drawing, sculpting, writing. And there are the spiritual gifts, too—discernment, teaching, leadership, healing, mercy, giving, exhortation, prophecy and so on.

I just completed the first draft of my September novel, The First Love, featuring a subplot regarding divine healing. Growing up, I witnessed the healing of many people when the elders of the church were called to anoint the sick with oil and pray, or when an evangelist prayed for the sick in revival meetings. I even saw these miracles during my father's summer tent meetings, as well as my dear mother's healing from terminal cancer when I was a girl. (My book, The Sunroom, chronicles her miraculous healing, from my childhood perspective.)

It's remarkable that we don't hear about this very much anymore here in America, but divine healings are happening in other parts of the world. We're not to be shy about following Scripture, right? So, when I promise to pray for my reader-friends who are in need of healing or encouragement, or other needs, I want to do so with boldness and in love, in faith believing, as the Bible teaches. Prayer is the greatest source in the universe, never forget.

Are we using our gifts for God's glory alone? Are we doing everything in our power to light the flame of our passion for Christ…and to keep it burning for as long as we have breath?

Encouraging you to share your gifts with those who need them most,

Beverly Lewis


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