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August '21

“Dear friends, let us continue to love one another, for love comes from God. Anyone who loves is a child of God and knows God.” - I John 4:7



When I contemplate the verse in First John above—about loving others—the former schoolteacher in me thinks of three kinds of sharing:

IMG former schoolteacher Bev

First, I think of sharing the joyful events that come our way...and sharing others' joy, too. When we love, we readily rejoice with each other over many things: the birth of a new baby, a longed-for goal achieved, and fervent prayers answered. It is a giving and a receiving, the beautiful blessing of loving God's way.

Second, if we're paying attention, we will see opportunities to lighten another person's burden. Even the smallest amount of practical help, offered at just the right time, can make a huge difference for someone who is overwhelmed, sick, or struggling in other ways.

Lastly, you and I both know that in a single moment, a heartbreaking disappointment or an unbearable grief may happen to someone in our family or circle of friends, or even outside our comfort zone--to a stranger in need. So, sharing our time, energy, and sympathy may go a long, long way toward helping that person endure (even survive) a heavy burden.

Over the years, I have often blogged about making a difference in this dark, sad, and hostile world, encouraging others to shine Light and Truth in their small corner. If each of us did that with a quality of sincere love for one another, our heavenly Father's characteristics would be made visible for all to see. What better way to put God's great love on display!

Many blessings for this new month of August and always,

Beverly Lewis


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