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September '21

“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” - John 10:27



If you've ever gone hiking in a remote area, it's helpful to have a guide, or in my case a trailblazer, which is usually my husband, Dave.

The chances of getting lost can be pretty high without someone to follow, or a GPS in hand (if you're not too remote) or some good trail signage. Especially if you're like me and can't tell where you are unless Pikes Peak or another mountainous landmark is in view. Or, um...the sun?

IMG Bev hiking

How wonderful that our Shepherd Jesus knows each of us--everything about us. Isn't it a comfort to be thoroughly known and well-lovedand don't we long for that? Our Lord is our omniscient (all-knowing) Guide through life's journey. Whatever comes our way, He sees it first and helps us avoid the pitfalls ahead, if we're willing to follow and obey. Sometimes, He picks us up and carries us through rough waters. Now, that's an amazing tour guide, jah?

The theme of following and trusting our Savior is woven throughout my new novel, The Beginning, which releases September 7. And just a reminder, if you haven't seen this amazing BOGO (buy one, get one) presale offer, you can preorder it from before September 6 in paperback, hardcover or large print and you will receive a FREE paperback copy of my novel, The Timepiece. (One per order, while supplies last.) Just to clarify: the free copy of The Timepiece will be added automatically to your purchase order for The Beginning, even though you won't see it in your cart or on your receipt.

I am over the moon about the launch for The Beginning, and praying that Susie Mast's story will touch your heart in new and profound ways, as it did mine while writing.

Abundant blessings!

Beverly Lewis


With summer winding down, comes the start of the school year and, eventually, the harvest, if you're a farming family. For those of us who love the baby farm animals, my sister, Barbara, and I have created five new Amish Cheer cards for your enjoyment, and to spread encouragement and cheer to friends and family"Farm Friends" with "Adventures of Little Katie Lapp"set in Lancaster County's Amish country (mini-stories on the back of the card). You can see more about these five new All-Occasion cards at:

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I'm also busy with the launch for The Beginning, of course, while wrapping up the final chapters for my September 2022 novel, The Orchard, a stand-alone novel set in Bird-in-Hand, PA, in the heart of Amish farmland. I think you will fall in love with Ellie Hostetler and her twin, Evan, and their Old Order family in a way you never expected. Besides, what could possibly happen in their big orchard for the book to be titled that way? Okay, I'll share more later, after you've read The Beginning.


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