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October '22

"Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you."   

~ Ephesians 4:32



Acts of kindness are long remembered.

I'll never forget the day a helpful woman came over to my car outside the grocery store and offered to take the shopping cart back to its stall for me. She had obviously seen me putting my three-year-old daughter and nine-month-old twins into their respective car seats, not to mention lugging the groceries into the back. I was so grateful, I thanked God for sending an angel in human form to help me!


Many other unexpected kindnesses have happened to me over the years—and to you, too, I’m sure. During my junior year in college, while on a date at a nice restaurant with a fellow music student, I was surprised to learn that a gentleman and his wife at a nearby table had picked up the tab for our dinner. The waiter informed us after the benevolent couple had left, so there was no way to thank them. The generous gesture made me wonder what had inspired their random act of kindness. All the same, I was struck by it.

The verse in Ephesians 4 isn’t just a suggestion, is it? As believers in Christ, we are expected to be kind and compassionate to one another, as well as to everyone we meet. How much better our world would be if we all followed this verse daily!      

You may recall that I chose kindness at the start of the new year as “my word” for 2022. With the bright and brisk autumn season upon us, let’s remember to be caring and kind to each other. There are so many ways to do that, if we just take a moment to think about it. Giving of our time and energy to someone in need of our companionship, or offering our assistance to get to and from a doctor appointment, for instance. Volunteering at a food pantry, buying groceries for a shut-in or sending encouragement cards are other ways. Or we might offer to wrap Christmas gifts for a friend or neighbor who is ill, or give a caregiver or a single mom a much-needed break by stepping into that person’s shoes for a few hours at a time. It really doesn't take much to make a difference in someone else’s life.

 This month of October, I am truly grateful for your complimentary remarks about The Orchard, my latest novel set in Lancaster County Amish country. Your kind words have inspired my writerly heart, especially hearing how Ellie’s story journey has lifted your spirits and encouraged you to trust our heavenly Father for even the smallest things.

Autumn blessings!

 —Beverly Lewis



I'm presently working on revisions for The Heirloom, my fall 2023 stand-alone novel set in Amish Hickory Hollow and featuring Ella Mae Zook. Many of you have requested a look back into the Wise Woman's past, primarily her courting years, and I'm excited to say that what I've discovered is very intriguing! More on that later. Meanwhile, thanks very much for your keen interest in dear Ella Mae's life!

Now, for your autumn card-gifting, I have developed three new products with Barbara, my sister/artist. See more views of these new cards below at:

  Bev October graphic

1) "Scarecrow" 5X7 pop-out card with poem on back—for all ages.

2) "Harvest Home Blessing"—folk art style.

3) "Special Note of Thanks" in time for Ministers Appreciation Month (October).

Look for a new Thanksgiving 5X7 card coming in mid-October. I'll post the announcement on my Facebook page for your convenience. FREE SHIPPING continues for orders of $40 or more.


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