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January '24

"Live in peace; and the God of love and peace shall be with you.

~ 2 Corinthians 13:11

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Peace is highly sought after in our world and hard to come by for many, sad to say.?

My Amish friends seem to understand how to live in peace in their cloistered and close-knit community. They honor God and not just on Sundays. It is their way of life, integrated into the fabric of their faith, having received godly instruction as youngsters. The Amish people help and encourage each other on this earthly journey, adhering to the Ten Commandments and to the Old Ways of their church ordinances. They respect the Golden Rule, as well. (Matthew 7:12)


What about us, we who are not Amish? How do we open our hearts to peace in our busy, modern lives? Do we make time to incorporate personal and family devotions morning and evening? Do we teach the precepts of the most holy faith (Jude 1:20-21) to our children and grandchildren? And, most importantly, do we live in peace with our family members and all those around us? In short, does peace reign in our very souls, even in the midst of these chaotic times?


I will never forget the phone call from a hospice nurse telling me that my mother had passed away. I was extremely sad, even though she had suffered greatly and longed to be free of pain. And yet, after the initial sorrow overwhelmed me, there came a sweet sense of peace like the warming comfort of a quilt. My dear mother was gone from this world, yes, but she was also being welcomed by a host of loving family members who were waiting for her heavenly arrival...and by the Lord Jesus Himself.


Oh, I so welcomed that amazing peace from my heavenly Father, and began to make the necessary phone calls.


At Mother's funeral, I was blessed by that same peace, making it possible to share to a packed-out congregation my memories of being dearly loved by my godly mother who, along with Dad, instructed my younger sister, Barbara, and me in the ways of the Lord. (Barbara also spoke and even sang excerpts from two songs). I continue to be amazed at the sweet, settled peace within us both on that difficult day.


Now, looking ahead, I have entrusted this New Year to God's sovereign will as I move forward in His perfect peace.


I pray the very same for you.


Blessings always,

—Beverly Lewis

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1)  The Beverly Lewis Amish Heritage Cookbook, 20th-Anniversary Edition, is steadily moving through the production schedule for a Fall 2024 release. Watch for the cover reveal, as well as preordering information.


2)  Also, I am writing a new book. It is set in, where else?—Hickory Hollow! More news on that soon.


3)  My sister and I have added a beautiful cardinal to our "Nature's Cheer" birthday card collection at: I love having a new set of greeting cards to start off the New Year, and you will, too!

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Thanks so much for all your thoughtful prayers and kind enthusiasm throughout the past year, dear friends. You are the most loyal readers a writer could ever dream of having.



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