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May '24

"Honor your father and mother. Then you will live a long, full life in the land the LORD your God is giving you.

~ Exodus 20:12



In thinking of Mother’s Day this month, I recall our Amish friends’ supper invitation some years ago and, while there, observing the two older daughters as they cooked up a feast for Dave and me. Several times while they peeled potatoes, made meatloaf, and cooked snap beans, I heard the girls say, “Mamm, you just rest and visit,” as they worked in the kitchen on her behalf.


This reminded me of growing up with my younger sister, Barbara, as we liked to make our own mother’s chores lighter, especially on Mother’s Day. It was a special way to honor her and show gratitude for all the things she did for Dad and for us around the house—things besides cleaning and cooking, such as drilling us girls on our multiplication tables, listening to our book report presentations and pieces for piano lessons, or as we recited Bible verses from memory. So, why couldn’t every day be one to honor our mother? Even as young children, Barbara and I made our own beds, redded up our shared bedroom, carried laundry downstairs, set the table, and helped wash and dry dishes on a daily basis. After all, God was so good to give us a kind and loving mother, one devoted to the Lord and to her family and, as a pastor’s wife, a caring partner in the ministry of the church.


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My dear mother has been with the Lord now these 18 years, yet her spiritual example and legacy lives on. She certainly knew how to pray, believing in God’s sovereign will and putting her complete trust in that, no matter the outcome—answered prayers or not. She loved her heavenly Father and lived out her love in service to Him and to others, even during the darkest days of her life, suffering with cancer for years until her healing finally came. Miraculous healing, yes.


To this day, I am so thankful for her long life and for the way she honored her own mother and father, claiming the promise of “a long, full life,” as the verse in Exodus states.


What tangible and intangible things can we give to our mothers this year in their honor? In so doing, may we also please our heavenly Father.


A blessed Mother’s Day to all the moms!


—Beverly Lewis




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4)  Thank you so very much for being such devoted reader-friends. I truly treasure each of you!


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