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July '23

"In Him and through faith in Him we may approach God with freedom and confidence." 

~ Ephesians 3:12



I've often been asked, "Do the Amish celebrate the Fourth of July?" So, it is timely to address that question in this blog.

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In general, the Amish don't typically observe the holiday. However, it is up to the individual family as to whether or not they will participate in actually celebrating. Many of my Amish friends do attend parades (especially in Holmes County, Ohio) and some even set off fireworks or watch them from their porches, and/or enjoy a picnic with their family.

Amish businessmen (and women) often will close their shops for the Fourth to have a "vacation" day or even take off the entire week. Others wouldn't think of doing that. 

I remember seeing young Amish women tending roadside stands on the Fourth of July, selling donuts and other pastries to help tourists "celebrate" the holiday.

Remember, too, that Pennsylvania Amish adhere more often to tradition (the Old Ways), while Amish in the Midwest are typically more progressive.

Celebrating in a variety of ways can indirectly demonstrate appreciation for America's birthday and the freedoms it affords. But most Amish I know believe they are sojourners on this earth, simply passing through on their way to heaven. So, they do not embrace or get involved with the government or its secular holidays. They do, however, celebrate Thanksgiving, (wedding season in Lancaster County and other Plain communities), Christmas, Second Christmas (only in certain communities) and New Year's Day. Also, it is quite the norm for Amish in a church district to celebrate Good Friday (a day of fasting and prayer), Easter, Easter Monday, Pentecost Sunday, Whitmonday (day after Pentecost) and Ascension Day. 

You may certainly have personal experiences with the Amish, regarding the Fourth celebrations, that are similar or different from this blog, which I would love to see. Do feel free to comment on my Facebook page and I'll respond.

Now, I'd like to wish you a very safe and happy celebration of our God-given freedoms this Fourth of July, dear friends!


—Beverly Lewis



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3) I really appreciate your daily comments on my Facebook page, your lovely remarks (and questions about Amish life) via PMs, and your faithful prayers, especially now as Dave and I prepare my longtime friend's—Martha's—home for sale. You are all so very thoughtful and kind.

June '23

"A righteous person lives on the basis of his integrity. Blessed are his children after he is gone." 

~ Proverbs 20:7



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My father taught me honesty by example. I remember walking with him to the corner grocery store when I was little, and the clerk gave him a quarter too much in change. What did Dad do? Kindly, he pointed out the mistake and gave the quarter back. Dad also taught my sister and me to memorize Bible verses by reciting a new verse or two with us before we left for school. Soon, we had the third chapter of John learned “by heart,” and our school friends waiting for us there in the kitchen learned it, too.


My pastor-father wasn’t a perfect parent, but really, is there a parenting guide for each individual child born into a family? What works with one child might not for the next. I do know that Dad did his best and trusted the Lord for the rest. His and my mother’s goal was to love my sister and me dearly, and bring us up in the faith.

Dave and Ariel     

My husband, Dave, also emulated God’s grace and love in parenting our now-grown children—Julie, Janie, and Jonathan—and our granddaughter, Ariel. He was the kind of dad who got down on the floor to build Lego towers with our kiddos and who helped Julie memorize the multiplication tables by associating the numbers with mnemonics. He took all three kids on hikes on mountain trails and neighbor-hood greenways, and he worked daily with Janie and Jonathan to help them learn to read at a 5th-grade reading level when their special ed teacher insisted they would never learn to read at all! 


Dave doesn’t mind driving nineteen hours from Kentucky back to Colorado to safely bring home a large painting of Janie’s. He’ll talk with Jonathan for an hour or longer on Zoom or FaceTime, and he happily loans his sleek white Mustang to Ariel to take her pups out for a spin and a treat at Dutch Bros. Yes, he is a giver of his time and energy to his family.

I know I’m a very blessed—and most grateful—wife and mother.

This month, as we celebrate fathers, we are also mindful of the best and highest example of lovingkindness from our heavenly Father. How thankful I am for God’s amazing love and grace toward His children!

Blessings for sunny June, and always,

—Beverly Lewis



1) Work has begun on a very special project coming in 2024. More on that soon!

2) My sister, Barbara, and I have created two new cards for the Amish Cheer card line. These Father’s Day cards will be available to ship to you until June 7.

Fathers Day Cards

I pray you have a delightful month ahead, enjoying the sunshine and the beauty of nature. Thanks so much for your kind words and loving support, dear friends! 

May '23

"Her children bless her; her husband praises her: ‘Many women act competently, but you surpass them all!" 

~ Proverbs 31:28-29


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I am thankful to God for a loving and encouraging mother who believed in the power of prayer. Her godly role model has influenced my own relationships as a wife, mother, sister, and friend. She also passed along her cooking and baking skills to me, as well as my sister, Barbara, even when we very young. I still remember layering the large baking dish with ground beef, cut corn, and tomato slices for my mother's classic recipe of Dinner in a Dish, my little fingers daintily placing the bread crumbs on top.


Here is a favorite photo of my sister, our mother, and me in May of 1999, forty-two years after Mother’s diagnosis of inoperable ovarian cancer. (The surgeon said she might live less than six months, yet the Lord spared her life and gave her a healing miracle.) Yes, that was many years ago, and I’ve never forgotten the joy all the family brought to her (and Dad) on Mother’s Day and every other holiday we gathered for picnics or formal dinners, or just to be together playing Ping-Pong, carrom, board games, or croquet. I cherish the memories of honoring my parents at our many get-togethers both in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and here in Colorado.


Also, I am forever grateful to the birth mothers of our three J’s—Julie, Janie and Jonathan—for their precious gifts of sacrificial love. I have been blessed to love and nurture these children (all grown up!) as my very own. 


To all the women longing for a child, I know keenly and understand the intense yearning and the seemingly endless waiting. Today, I am offering up a prayer that God will grant you the desire of your heart in His perfect timing and way.


Hoping this blossoming month of May is filled with blessings from Above,

—Beverly Lewis



1) Thankfully, I've had some time to catch up on reader mail, including snail mail, website-related email, and social media comments and private messaging. It's a joy to connect with my devoted fans. Thanks for your patience in awaiting a reply! Along with that, I’ve been keeping a daily journal of my thoughts about my friend Martha’s recent passing—and all that she shared with me over the years as a “big sister” in the Lord. Thanks so much for your prayers for all who love and miss her, especially during this time.

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Have a truly wonderful celebration of Mother's Day, friends!

April '23

"Jesus was handed over to die for our sins. He was raised to life in order to make us right with God." 

~ Romans 4:25


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Christ's torturous death on the cross followed by His resurrection made our salvation possible. If He had stayed in the tomb, having no power over the grave, we would still be lost in our sins. His death was the truest of all sacrifices, and without God's life-giving miracle on full display that long-ago morning, there would be no redemption for us.


Every year since I was old enough to understand the biblical truth of Easter, I have tried to imagine quietly observing the soldiers guarding Jesus’ tomb—their reactions to what was happening before their very eyes. What were their thoughts? What did they say to each other?


We know from Scripture that a violent earthquake took place and an angel of the Lord came to roll back the stone and sat on it. The guards were terrified and shook and “became like dead men” as they witnessed God’s triumphal deed.


“He arose a victor from the dark domain” are the lyrics to part of the chorus of the stirring hymn “Up from the Grave He Arose.” Rarely have I sung this song without joyful tears welling up, my lip quivering so that I can only whisper the words. To think what God did for us in raising Jesus back to life!


My prayer this Easter and always is that you have embraced the truth—and great joy—of the Resurrection and have wholly placed your trust in Him, our precious Savior and Lord. 


Hallelujah, He is risen!

—Beverly Lewis



1) In case you haven't seen the pretty cover for my September 2023 novel, The Heirloom, here it is.

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2) Mother's Day is May 14 and our "Mother's Apron" card offers a whimsical tribute to the many moms who work at home in the kitchen. It's complete with my backstory of Ella Mae Zook's childhood memory of her own Old Order Amish Mamma. Also, a front pocket which doubles as an optional gift card holder. Find this unique card and many others at my secure website:

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3) I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to the many fans who watched (or DVR'd) the premiere of the "Confession Musical Movie" on UP TV, Sunday, March 26. This movie will continue to stream on demand at UP Faith and Family. Enjoy! And a blessed Easter Season!



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