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May '21

“Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: ‘Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.’”

- Proverbs 31:28-29



I’ll never forget my mother’s “green thumb” and her fondness for growing all types of flowers—roses, sweet peas, golden yarrow, pansies and baby’s breath to name a few. She and Daddy sold these beauties to the local florists to the astonishment of our relatives and friends…until they stepped foot into my parents’ lavish garden and understood why.

IMG Mother in garden2

My mother’s love of flowers and gardens influenced my sister, Barbara, and me. And her love for family did, too. She relished our get-togethers and eagerly looked forward to each and every birthday, Memorial Day and Fourth of July…and all the holidays in between.

My mother’s love for God spilled over into my own young life on a daily basis: during family worship, after school when she read to my sister and me from the Bible, and while singing and playing the piano at home, even composing her own praise songs.

When I was six-years-old and wanted to invite Jesus into my heart but was too shy that Sunday to walk to the front and kneel with the others, it was my mother who encouraged me and said she would go with me. (I’d fibbed and said I was sleepy but had been crying during the sermon, so she knew the Holy Spirit was drawing me.) All these years later, I still remember pouring out my sinful heart to the Savior, intent on living each day for Him from that day forward.

My mother has been with the Lord now for fifteen years this summer, but her sweet spirit lives on in my memory—the way she would tear up at the hearing (or the singing) of certain gospel songs, such as “His Eye is On the Sparrow,” or her responsive nature in worship at church, camp meetings or revival meetings; and her clear soprano voice blending with mine and Barbara’s as we sang trios on Daddy’s weekly radio broadcast or specials in church.

IMG 0001 Easter 1990

A prayer partner like no other, if my mother said she would pray for me, or others, she would actually spend time intentionally doing so. Her faith in the power of prayer was as strong as her love for God and His people. She was a confidante and friend to many women in our church, and knew how to encourage others with her words and in practical ways.

Once again, this Mother’s Day, I will miss her dearly, but I will also thank our Lord for a godly mother and dad who walked the path of divine grace during all their years of pastoral and missionary work. And who also encouraged their two daughters to love and live for God as wives and mothers, and grandmothers.

Blessings from my heart…to yours.

Beverly Lewis


After reviewing the Final Pages (galleys) for The Beginning, releasing September 7, 2021, I’ve returned to writing the first draft of my 2022 novel, the title reveal coming soon! Also, I’m thrilled to be getting caught up on fan mail to all of you—snail mail, Facebook, etc. Thanks so much for your patience!

My Amish Cheer card line ( has expanded with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards…and five brand-new summertime birthday cards, debuting May 6 on my Facebook page:

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thumbnail 3 New MDs pose

April '21

“He is not here; for He has risen, as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay."

- Matthew 28:6



Imagine being there with Mary Magdalene and the other women that long-ago morning, the day that changed the history of the world. Imagine mistaking Jesus for a gardener, so grief-stricken and preoccupied with the sorrowful task ahead. Imagine Jesus, the Resurrected Savior, calling Mary by name. And then witnessing the promise of Easter burst forth on Mary’s face as she recognized her risen Lord!

photo 1586486942853 511cfe2c6313

What did Mary and the other women want to do first? What do we want to do after experiencing Christ’s incredible love? Let’s ponder that for a moment. Why would we want to keep such amazing joy to ourselves?

Oh, to think that He alone extends unmerited mercy and grace, and calls us by name. Out of the blackness of despair and death came life everlasting. Our hearts sing anew.

This Easter season, may we share the Good News to all who will listen. He is alive and lives eternally, praying to the Father for us, as we answer the call to make a difference in this world.

A most blessed Easter to you, dear friend!

Beverly Lewis


I’m thrilled to be writing the first draft of my stand-alone Amish novel for Fall 2022 currently, while awaiting the Final Pages (last read-through) for The Beginning, releasing September 7, 2021.

My Amish Cheer card line ( is expanding with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards, as well as Summer Birthday cards. See the exciting reveal April 8 on my Facebook page:

March '21

“You, LORD, are all I have, and You give me all I need; my future is in Your hands."

- Psalm 16:5



Sometimes my mind races at night, and I’m tempted to worry about Covid-related concerns or the state of our world. But I am quite relieved that we don’t have to fret about tomorrow. Why?

Because God is already there.

During this month of coming spring, what if we paid closer attention to the promises of Jesus…and to His wise leading? What if we totally followed Him, regardless of our own whims and wishes, or the news and social media? What if we actively looked for new beginnings, abandoning the negative and pushing ahead for the glory of God?

We could do all of the above, right?

And, too, we could commit ourselves to daily prayer, offering our praise and worship, for He lives in our praises. (God inhabits, dwells and is enthroned in our praises, according to Psalm 22:3).

Spring reminds us that after the dark, cold and seclusion of winter, there is the promise of extended light and warmth…and nature’s beckoning.

I’m so eager for the crocuses to burst forth into bloom, for the robin’s return, and for the soil to soften and the planting to begin, aren’t you?

photo 1599238302746 b9e00abf2df5

pexels photo 270259

Let’s soak up not only the additional springtime sunlight, but also the beauty and characteristics of our dear Lord Jesus, and radiate His love and encouragement to broken hearts all around us.

Blessings abundant,

Beverly Lewis


With great delight, I unveil the NEW Amish Cheer cards - ready for Easter giving! They depict springtime joy and God’s creation. My backstory will give you a peek inside the age-old Easter traditions of the Lancaster County Amish, and the scripture verse will lift your heart (and your recipients'). Order here between now and March 28:

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As for my writing, I’ve been formulating the synopsis for my Fall 2022 novel, also a standalone set in Lancaster County Amish farmland. Yes, I'm working that far ahead. 😊

February '21

“When they were filled, He said to His disciples, 'Gather up the leftover fragments so that nothing will be lost.'"

- John 6:12



I've been reminiscing about the year 2020 prior to Covid-19, and decided to make a list of all the good things, the grace-filled moments, that blessed my life. Like you, I want to remember, just as our Lord instructed His disciples to gather up the fragments after the miraculous feeding of 5,000 hungry people along the shore of the Sea of Galilee. The leftover morsels were as tasty as the first go-round, so why not save them for later? Who would want to toss out part of THAT miracle?

So, I welcome you to join me in documenting the wonderful thingsthe divine moments, the healings, God's hand of provision. And His peace.

Let's start with the people we love, and what a great time to do so with February being the month of love. Jot down the loving care others have shown you during this past difficult year. Don't forget to include the times you felt God's presence in a powerful way. And the little things, like seeing animal footprints in the snow; an unexpected letter or card in the mail from someone wanting to encourage you; or a passage in a book that seemed to pop out just for your eyes only. Or the prayer someone prayed for you over the phone or during a Zoom encounter that lifted your heart and made a difference in your day or week.


Count, too, the answers to prayer and the way God's Word raised your spirit to new heights.

And after we've written (or typed) as many "blessed fragments" as we can remember, let's close our notebooks and/or PCs/phones and thank our dear Lord Jesus for this special opportunity to be grateful for all we've enjoyed during the struggles and even trials, and for the blessings we will remember long past 2021.

None of us knows what this year will bring, or how much longer before the virus is eradicated by whatever meansman-made or by God Himselfbut we will gather up the fragments and retain the memory of the goodness and grace of our heavenly Father, while looking ahead to what He desires for us going forward. And look for the joy, no matter what.

Blessings abundant,

Beverly Lewis


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My revisions for The Beginning (September 7 release) are finished. Now, I'm outlining my 2022 novel and excited about starting the actual writing soon. Meanwhile, I'm doing some interesting research. More on that later...


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