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March 2015

Dear Reader-Friend,

A joyous springtime to you and your family! Is there a beloved setting from your childhood that still lingers in your mind...and heart?

As a young girl, I enjoyed family gatherings in Brownstown, Pennsylvania, in the white clapboard three-story house located near a beautiful stone mill, featured in my latest book, The Love Letters (releasing on March 24). Be sure to look on the back cover for a photograph of the Brownstown Mill, built in 1856, originally as a lumber mill, in the midst of Amish farmland. The setting and the characters are dear to me, and I think you'll fall in love with them, too!

Marlena Wenger is the sweetest "leading lady" I've written so far, or so my editors tell me. You'll see why, too, when Marlena is presented with caring for her baby niece, Angela Rose, and must soon make a difficult decision involving her long-time Amish beau.

To top things off...a clutch of old love letters is discovered when a homeless man claims the historic mill as his new home. Yes, the written word has the power to change more than one life in this novel. (Do you remember when people actually hand wrote letters and mailed them?)

On the day The Love Letters releases, my Spring Book Tour will begin in western Pennsylvania, and taking me to five other states (see tour schedule here). It will be so wonderful to meet you and to personally autograph my new book for you, or for someone you love. Many are already planning to tuck this book into Easter baskets for family and friends.

I hope you have an inspiring and memorable Easter Season!

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