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October 2014

Dear Reader-Friend,

Happy autumn season from my yours! I hope the smell of wood smoke and pumpkin pie makes you smile.

When I think of this particular fall, I will always remember how full my heart is with fondest memories of your generosity and thoughtfulness during my recent book tour to Pennsylvania and one stop in Maryland. You are truly the most wonderful fans ever, and I'm here to thank you for the royal welcome I received at every stop along the way. (See tour pictures posted here.)

There were families who drove five hours one way to have The River personally autographed, and even seven hours! I was joyfully stunned to grant a bride of fifty years her cherished wish—a signed copy of The River for her golden wedding anniversary!

There were countless women who, sharing with tears, told how my stories have inspired, comforted, and helped them keep their sanity during chemo, radiation, and their fight with cancer. And home-schooling moms who brought their entire families, and in many cases, their husbands, to have their personal collection of my children's and youth books autographed, as well as my latest novel.

Well, I'm settled in at home again and happily "polishing pages" for my spring novel, The Love Letters (available March 24, 2015)—love this editorial process. All for my amazing reader-friends!

For those of you who brought cards and letters, and unexpected gifts and flowers to the various events, I am beyond grateful. And for all the book buyers and librarians who promoted, and then some, an enormous and heartfelt "thank you"! I'll look forward to seeing many of you during my Spring 2015 Book Tour.

Remember: I'm on my Facebook fan page talking with readers daily. And, I'm praying for you, too!

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