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August 2011

My Dear Reader-Friend,

I can still feel the sun's warmth from my brisk walk this beautiful Colorado summer morning. This time of year always stirs wonderful memories--memories of picnic tables laden with delicious food, sipping sweet lemonade in the shade with my family, conversations and laughter carrying us through glowing afternoons. Yet the breath of fall comes gently on the wind, and I am reminded that there is a season for everything.

This beautiful season also launches my newest novel, The Mercy, the final book of THE ROSE TRILOGY, on September 6. I've so enjoyed writing the story of Rose and Hen Kauffman, two free-spirited Amish sisters, and the joys and longings and loves they've encountered on their journeys. They, and the rest of their beloved Lancaster County community, have captured my heart--and I hope they capture yours, too!

This season also begins my Fall 2011 Book Tour. I love traveling the country, speaking and signing books, and, most important, meeting you, my dear reader-friends. My tour begins in Colorado, then on to Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa--the very heart of the country. If you live within driving distance, I would love to meet you face-to-face! (See my website and Facebook page for locations and times so we don't miss each other!) I also have two exciting announcements: First, The Shunning DVD is available on September 13. Three million viewers fell in love with this Hallmark Channel movie on its first airing last April! Now you and your family and friends can own and cherish Katie Lapp's heartwarming story on DVD for your collector's library!

Second, my highly reviewed musical play, The Confession, based on THE HERITAGE OF LANCASTER COUNTY series, opens in Lancaster County on September 14 at the Bird-in-Hand Family Restaurant and Stage, and will run through December 2. The story is dear to me--loosely based on my maternal grandmother's life, her excommunication, and eventual shunning from the Old Order Mennonite church. Visit for details.

Last fall I had the privilege to attend the premiere at the Blue Gate Theater in Shipshewana, Indiana, where the musical continues with sell-out crowds, and it was a joy to see beloved characters come to life! If you live nearby or have an opportunity to go to either Shipshewana or Bird-in-Hand, I would highly recommend an outing to see this fabulous musical. Gloria Gaither has praised it as "Broadway worthy!" I will be meeting reader-friends at smorgasbords and showings at the Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania, location on October 18, 19, and 21. I'd love to see you there! More information is available at

Presently, I'm writing a new series, HOME TO HICKORY HOLLOW, available in April 2012! Thank you for your enthusiastic appreciation of these stories I so love to

tell. Your encouraging notes and faithful prayers are such a blessing to me!

As these summer days grow shorter, I pray you and your families will rest in the warm, abiding love of our heavenly Father.

With gratitude and love,

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